Today’s going to be a pretty important day so Ann coerced me to get to work. She woke me up from a dead sleep to take a picture with this fancy trick or treat bag.

Yes! I was dreaming big dreams, but it’s amazing what a little kibble can encourage me to do. I got some when she did my pedi-pedi yesterday too so I’m scoring some serious chow these days.

Fancy Trick or Treat Bag
Fancy Trick or Treat Bag

Now, don’t think that it was late. It was only about 8 o’clock, but this dog needs more beauty sleep these days. She even wakes me up in the middle of the night to go outside and lower my water levels.

My job is just like anyone else’s. Sometimes you have to work when you don’t want to. But that wasn’t the case. I wanted to. I just didn’t know that I wanted to!

Works for Any Size Bag

That bag was way bigger than I thought it was going to be. I was thinking that Ann wanted me to jump in! It sure will hold a lot of candy! Maybe it’s better for someone about to do their last serious Halloween treat seeking.

Fancy Trick or Treat Bag
Fancy Trick or Treat Bag

Do you like those little cats sticking out around the edges of that featured patterned paper? I think they’re pretty fly with their Holiday Rhinestone eyes.

They are a couple cuties, aren’t they!

You can scroll down and we’ll share some of the supplies Ann used to make this. But the bag was a donation from when my favorite huMAN went to pick up dinner one night.

Fancy Trick or Treat Bag
Fancy Trick or Treat Bag

Ann’s been getting ready for this weekend’s online stamp camp, but she’s taking a break today. We’re going over for a follow-up appointment with the vet.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

Watch It Here

You can get tips on how Ann made this by watching the video below or watching it here on YouTube.

Fancy Trick or Treat Bag Supplies