Did you stay up late or get up early to check out the specials? I did! So I thought I’d share my 5 favorite things on the Clearance Rack. At least they were on there when it was updated in the wee hours of last night.

I tried to pick just 3, but it just wasn’t enough.

Let’s start off with the obvious ones – the 2 dog ones. PSST! I’ve never seen those trinkets that low!

Sale: $10.80

Price: $18.00

Sale: $3.40

Price: $8.50

Now, I’ll let you know that these are in no particular order. I couldn’t hold my toes up so that Ann could read them when my pup-o-graphic messages weren’t getting through.

Now, #3 has 5 options

That is, if they haven’t sold out already. It’s that gorgeous 2020-22 IN Color Ribbon. 10 yards for $2.40! You can’t beat that with a stick!

We Interrupt This List for an Invitation.

Mark your calendars for some fun! It’s a spooky Mystery Card Party!

It’s 2 weeks from tomorrow, but if you register now, you’ll get in at the Early Bird price of just $15.

Mystery Card Party 10
Register Here for the Mystery Card Party

It’s so much fun! Everyone makes a card together with Ann. Then they play games and that’s when the fun begins! Yes, there are prizes and that’s all that I’m allowed to bark about – except for the fact that our friends keep coming back. So I guess they must keep having a good time.

I hope you join us!

And now onto my last two favorite things on the Clearance Rack.

This kit doesn’t come with the stamp set but I’ll bet you have some greetings on hand that will work.

What it does come with is enough supplies to make 16 cards and has a dynamite box to keep them in. (We kept our pretty purple box that they show in the bottom right corner of the picture below.)

Sale: $12.80

Price: $32.00

My Last Favorite is Some Glittery Ribbon

We loved this Snowflake Ribbon when it was originally released and we’re glad it’s such a bargain now. It’s shimmery and a bit stiff – but not too stiff.

Be sure to copy this new Shopping code J4MSGKUA when you’re checking out the Clearance Rack today so you can score the most goodies our online shopper get.

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