Load 'em, load 'em, load 'em!  Keep those videos comin'!  (sung to the tune of Rawhide, if you can remember it)

Popcorn Santa Old & New

There will be a video here later today.  Int the meantime, here's a picture of the old & the new Popcorn Santa.  I really think that Bride Specialty Paper #115669 makes a difference.  It's just taking a VERY long time to load that Popcorn Santa video!  it's the longest video that I've ever directed because we try to explain it in such a way that you'll be able to make it no matter what size your popcorn is. 

it will probably show up here before I can get it on YouTube.  So if it's not here yet, come back this afternoon so you'll be able to make some tonight. 

In the meantime, run down to the store & buy some microwave popcorn so you'll be ready.

Chow Baby!