I've met some new fans last night when Ann taught her first Big Shot Sewing Class with the Rag Tag Bag.  These gals were charming & fascinated with me.  They finished their purses at class.  All they have to do is put the button on the front & wash them to make the fringe fringy.  Just click on the picture for a closer look.

You can make this with your Big Shot too! 

Laurie & her sister Carol did the two yellow ones.  Linda did the Dallas Cowboys.  I think they all did well.  They went from plain fabric to done in less than 4 hours!  I can't wait until they come over again because they have really good taste in dogs. 

My buddy Shelli Gardner is on the Today Show in the 4th hour today with Kathie Lee & Hoda.  Did you know I considered hiring Shelli as an assistant once?  You'd have to go WAY back in my posts to know that!

And tomorrow is the release of Popcorn Santa, the Video if I have to stay up all night with the laptop.  Be sure to come back & check it out!

Newsletter readers only have a couple more days to take advantage of their special.

Chow Baby!