It was great to make a Christmas tree card with our peeps on our Wednesday live online card making class.

We would’ve shared this sooner, but Ann had some technical stuff that needed attending. We contacted our blog technical care crew who fixed it fairly quickly. They’re so sharp! We’re back on track to share Wednesday’s finished card with you.

Christmas Tree Card
Christmas Tree Card

When we were working through the card, we didn’t have a greeting. A red foil border seemed perfect to add to the other bling we added – like the Red Rhinestones. We even cut out last sheet of Red Foil to make it. So I hope you love it as much as we do.

Christmas Tree Card
Christmas Tree Card

You can watch how we took a simple card layout. Watch how we amped it up from basic to beautiful in the video below. Or you can watch it on YouTube here. You’ll get lots of ideas about how you can use the same supplies to make different cards.

When you see the version you like, make it! We’ll list the supplies below. Just keep scrolling.

Watch it here

Important News About Today’s Show

I’m not sure that we’ll be on Facebook today. But we certainly won’t be sending out our usual reminder by Facebook Messenger. So here’s what you need to know.

You can try finding us here on Facebook to see if it works. Or you can join us here on YouTube.

Set Your Swatches!

Christmas Tree Card Supplies

NOTE: Some of these items will be in our 1 Day Sale
on Tuesday, November 24th.

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