How was your Thanksgiving?

I stayed home while Ann and my favorite huMAN ate with friends.

Now, don’t be dismayed. This visit came with negative Covid Tests! They had their first Covid tests and – as we suspected – they were negative.

They had homemade Mexican food which they confided in me was way better than you get in restaurants.

Ann and I are going live at 1pm Pawcific Today to share a sneak peek at stamps that will be available to the public in 2021 – hopefully a better year. (But this one has been grand sharing it with you.

Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek

Ann and my favorite huMAN will be making 18 of these today to share with 17 of her other demonstrator friends. And we can’t wait to share the ideas that we get back!

We tried a couple color combinations but this one won:

  • Sahara Sand
  • Night of Navy
  • Very Vanilla
Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek

Set Your Swatches!

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