Are you looking for some card making therapy to sooth your savage beast within?

People are getting on edge. Masks. Staying home. Being a substitute teacher. It can grow on you.

That’s why we’re recommending card making therapy. Of course, we call it stamp therapy. And that’s what we did yesterday with our Dog Pound members.

The Dog Pound is what we call our private Facebook group just for our clients. We’re trying different ways to connect with them. We’ve done a Mystery card via ZOOM, so this time, we made a card together on YouTube.

That way, people who aren’t Facebook members can still participate – just like we do with our live online card making classes.

Here’s Our Card Making Therapy Card

Card Making Therapy
Card Making Therapy

Everyone’s card will look different because they’re making their cards at home or wherever they’re watching from. They can post the card they made – whether they watched live or not – and then we’ll have a drawing for a prize.

While I’m barking about prizes, we announced our top team members of the 24/7 Stampers on a live stream last night. It’s good that Ann was drinking water instead of bubbly or she wouldn’t have been able to get through it.

Ann and I bought some cool Stampin’ Up! logo merchandise for prizes. Now to pack them up.

Card Making Therapy
Card Making Therapy

I can’t wait until we do card making therapy again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Do you recognize the greeting? It’s from a stamp set that will be released to the public on November 3rd. Right now, you can include it in your Starter Kit.

Get invited next time by shopping here with us!

But scroll down and we’ll share everything else that we used to make the card. Just remember that the 15 Designer Series Papers will not be on sale once the trick or treaters show up (or at least get dressed up.

The Sale Ends Tomorrow

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