I’d like to take a minute to welcome some of our newest members of our 24/7 Stampers Team. We’re so happy to have them join us!

  • Jan in Illinois
  • Rose in Pennsylvania
  • Dorie in California
  • And there’s room for you too!

I just noticed that we have all parts of the United States represented: East Coast, West Coast and in-between!

Have you joined us lately on a live stream? I’m going to bark out loud that you should!

We’ve just invested in a new camera. Ann think it’s just a bit too revealing, but I’m sure you want to see as much of me as you can.

We’re planning a little surprise at the beginning of today’s show. I’ll keep my paws crossed that we get it up for you. If not today, it will be very soon.

Wednesday Live Stream Card Making

What Time is It Where You Are?

Where Can You Join Us?

Honestly! it’s better when you can be there live. We just love all the people who come each week and chat with us while Ann’s showing you some cool things you might not have thought of.

They’re mainly my ideas – just so you know.

We can’t wait to stamp with you!

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