Are you looking for a little trinket to put at your table this Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Check out the little present that our friend Barb gave to Ann when they met in Portland this weekend. It’s not just for Christmas. You could dress it up for any season and offer a small dessert – or at least a dessert enhancement.

I’m pretty sure that we’ve done a video on how to make this somewhere – but perhaps a bit larger.

In fact, you can watch it below or on YouTube.

Both of these are great options. This one that Barb made us is just the right size. It carries one Ghiradelli Chocolate Square on the front and one on the back. Ours holds the same.

Of course, you know that you shouldn’t give chocolate to dogs – even if they beg.

While the Let It Snow Designer Series Paper is not available to order at this time, it should be available next week.

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