We hope that you have our Stampin’ Up! live stream on your calendar for today at 1pm Pawcific Time.

I know it’s up on the refrigerator. That’s where Ann keeps all the week’s activities.

And one thing on the agenda is that Ann’s going to show you a card she made last night that she said she may never make again!

If you came here for some card making inspiration, you can check out over 2,000 card ideas here that we’ve shared over the years.

And afterwards, Ann and Barbara are getting together for to do math for the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog Sweet Treats.

Sweet Treats are what they call the Stampin’ Up! product shares that we do for every catalog.

Those of you who get them keep coming back so we must be doing it right! That’s why we let our previous purchasers get first crack to reserve them.

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