Yesterday, Ann and my favorite huMAN went to a celebration of life so she needed a sympathy card….a simple sympathy card.

Ann was afraid it was a little too simple until she got out her Mossy Meadow Dark Stampin’ Blend and colored some pearls.

See what I mean?

Simple Sympathy Card

It seemed like every extra layer that we added made the card look better.

  • First, there was just the 3 layers of paper.
  • Then we added the ribbon.
  • The Mossy Meadow colored pearls seemed to be the finishing touch.

Can you spot the bit of Mossy Meadow card stock that runs on just the lower edge of the stamped piece? It can be a little hard to spot, but it ties in those pearls and these things as well:

Simple Sympathy Card Idea

The funeral was for the 91 year old patriarch of a large, close family. You might think that 91 makes him an old man; however, he still had a job as the President of the Board of Education where he lived.

And I was in my Beginning Obedience Class 13 years ago with his daughter’s puppy.. She was a Sheltie and she isn’t with us anymore either.

Simple Sympathy Card Making Supplies

Do you have these sets? They’ve been around a while. Would you liek to add any of these to your craft collection?

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