Yes!  Today is the day that Ann presents me to my adoring fans.  And if you were wondering….yes, I see you out there!

Those of you who know me best have sent cards and presents for my birthday, for Christmas, and just because.  Ann reads them to me before I go to bed at night.

(Just know that I don’t eat or chew ANYTHING that’s made in China.)

But today is the day that I get to see you out there!  Yep!  When I’m laying in that gray bed, I’m imagining you out there smiling at me on your computer.

We’d Love to Have You Join Us!

YouTube and Facebook Live Today


Yes, we’ll be broadcasting simultaneously to YouTube and to Facebook.  Pick whichever is good for you – just don’t try to listen to both at the same time because they’re both the same.

Tune in to YouTube.

Tune in to Facebook.



  • 10am – Hawaii
  • Noon – Most of Alaska
  • 1pm- Pawcific Time and Arizona
  • 2pm – Mountain Time
  • 3pm – Central Time
  • 4pm – Eastern Time & Puerto Rico

Get a Reminder

We’ll be happy to send you a reminder by Facebook Messenger right when we go live.  If you’re not getting these reminders, you can register here.

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What a great stamping idea to get together on a live broadcast!