Do you believe in Santa?  I do!  Because I’ve got the Santa to prove it!

And here he is – peeking out from behind the Christmas flowers!

Peekaboo Santa

I think this card would be perfect for the musical friends you have.  You know!  The ones who are always whistling.  Perhaps the sing in the choir.  Or maybe they’ve participated in a local singing flash mob!

Ann just participated in a sort of flash mob wedding the other night!  She said it was really nice.  Many of those in the audience really didn’t know the bride and groom, but they got to be a part of a unique ceremony that was very special for everyone.

And since everyone who was closest to the bride and groom wore red, I wonder if Santa may have peeked in?

Peekaboo Santa

Here’s a list of what we used to make this card.  I’ve listed a few options so that you could save 10% with the bundle if you wanted.  Or since it IS that time of year, you could either get a color family of markers or ask Santa for a full set that comes with an awesome little case!

And, of course, you can always have your special someone get a Stampin’ Up! gift certificate from us!  We’ll even make them a special card to give it to you in!

Talk about easy!

But if that certain someone wants an item under the tree for you, the deadline to get it by Christmas is December 15th.  And that’s right around the corner!

Here’s that list of supplies for this fun card that even my favorite huMAN loved!  If you’re reading this in your email and want to see the picture list, just click hereUse the current shopping code you can pick up here and we’ll be sure to include a gift with the handmade card we send all our clients.

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What what a fun and easy  Christmas card!