Oh, what a day that yesterday was!

Two of Ann’s friends, Glenda & Dawn, were among the presenters at the Stampin’ Up! convention that they call OnStage.  They were both awesome!

Then Ann and two of the 24/7 Stampers zipped around the convention center, chatting with friends, making new friends, and stamping with new stamps!

The first stop, was the Shaker Cards!  Here is Ann & Karen when they were waiting in line.  They were in the very first group to try this cool project.

Shaker Cards


Those two gals in the front of the line seem pretty excited.  Ann and Karen were too.

Then later, Ann went to a special dinner with previous Advisory Board Members.  Here’s Ann with Jan – they served together in 2010….when was just a pup.



And after dinner was the swap!  And THIS was the card that Ann got from Glenda.  Glenda called it her Mother-in-Law card because it didn’t leave much for writing.  (Apparently, she didn’t know Ann’s wonderful mother-in-law.)


You can see over 260 other Thank You ideas that I helped Ann with here.

Can’t wait to see Ann again.  I love the spa treatments I get, but it’s no match for Ann’s lap.

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