So Ann finished the Christmas Gift Box of Cards and took it to go play the Gift Exchange Game last night.

I don’t get that game, but Ann said there was a lot of laughter and good spirited play.  The gal that won our gift set had already had 2 or 3 gifts taken from her and this is what she ended up with (only all put together in the box).

All the gifts had to be handmade….by somebody.  Some people had gone onto Pinterest and made some pretty cool yard decor.  My friend Megan painted a 4 or 5 foot snowman!  There was a scarf, a crocheted basket and canned tuna and relish (not in the same jar).  There was a wine holder with 5 bottles of wine in it!

Ann could’ve gone for the wine, but instead went for the 2 small jars of Apple Butter and Snickerdoodle cookies.  Yep.  Nothing left but the jars when she’s done with that!



I’d like to thank everyone for their input yesterday.  Ann slammed out the duplicates and could fit exactly 6 in the box without squishing them.  (You can see closeups of the projects in this post.)

Remember that you can get the written instructions for this box and 4 alternate cards when you join our Stampin’ Pup Club today.

At my request, we stamped all of the envelopes to match the card.  Do you stamp your envelopes?  It really is a nice way to give the postal worker something to look at and ensure that your card gets opened first.

You know, early in Ann’s career – way back before I showed up on the scene – Ann used to buy bargain envelopes.  At least she THOUGHT they were a bargain.

All it took was for someone to send her a handmade card in a Stampin’ Up! envelope and she was hooked!  They feel so smooth!  It just adds to the anticipation of wanting to know what’s inside!

A quality card needs a quality envelope!

With Christmas right around the corner, we haven’t put up many alternative days to celebrate with cards.  Here’s what’s coming up this week.

  • Today is Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
  • Tuesday is Cat Herders Day
  • Wednesday is Day of Reconciliation
    • NOTE:  While this was originally for South Africa, what a great day to contact a long lost friend you’ve fallen out of favor with
  • Thursday is Regifting Day (nuf barked)
  • Friday is Bake Cookies Day and Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
    • The latter being another human tradition I just don’t understand.
  • Next Sunday is Go Caroling Day

So there you have it!

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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