It’s not your every day challenge, but it IS a challenge.

Ann’s invited to a party where she needs to bring a handmade gift.  Now it doesn’t have to be one that SHE made, but what’s a card maker to do?

I bark “Rise to the challenge!”

So now that she’s rising to the challenge, what should she make?

I encouraged her to make a box of cards, but what cards?  We don’t know who the recipient is or we would give a set of monogram notecards.

Now here’s where we really need your help.

Do you think it matters if the cards match?  We don’t know who’s getting them so we can’t make them in their favorite color.  Here are the first 3 we’ve made.  I’m aiming for 2 of each – unless you tell me otherwise.

Boxed Set of Cards


Too bad you can’t see the Dazzling Details on the trees of the one on the bottom.

These are all made with the Whisper White Note Cards and Envelopes which are perfect when you just want to send a quick hello or thank you.  (They also come in Crumb Cake.)  In fact, there are probably a lot of things on the big Year End Clearance Sale that you could use to make some cards like this for a gift.

I think that this one is Ann’s favorite.  Of course!  It’s got red on it!

Christmas Thank You Card


And I think that my favorite huMAN would like this one because it’s blue.

Winter Thinking of You Card


I really like the box.  We changed up the box that we shared with our Stampin’ Pup Club members.  We tweaked it a bit so that it works better.  You can find out how you can join the Stampin’ Pup Club here so that you’ll get a copy of our enhanced box instructions to fit the Note Cards and Envelopes.

Christmas Box Set


So, what should we do?  Do you like them all alike?  If so, which one?

Or should be do a pair of each?  Just leave a comment below and I’ll make sure that Ann does what you say.

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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