Wouldn’t you like to have a stressfree Christmas this year?

Can we help you with that?  I think we can.

We’ll get to the list in a minute, but first – did you know that coloring relieves stress?  It’s almost as good as meditation!

And here’s the one set Christmas card to make that could help you alleviate stress.

Christmas Card

Ann was chillin’ coloring one poinsettia.  And then, of course, there’s the fussy cutting.

Add a little bit of Gold Thread and you’re done.


So here are my tips for a stressfree Christmas:

  • Pick an easy card to reproduce.
  • Make cards for your friends who will notice it’s handmade.
  • Give everyone else an affordable card you bought in a box at Target.
  • Start early.
  • Make one card start to finish, then do the rest in stages:
    • All the coloring
    • All the cutting
    • Assemble, address & mail

Christmas Card

It’s one of those cards that you need to start early.  It’s easy, but take a little time to color.  But you’ll be getting relaxed!  You can do it while listening to music or watching TV.

If this is on your list, here’s everything you need.  Just click on any picture for more details or to start your shopping cart.

Card Making Supplies

Thank you for letting us share our love of stamping with you.  Please know we’re here when you need us.

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