Yes.  I’m coming out!  I’m actually a small human in a Jack Russell Terrier body.

Since today’s Coming Out Day, I just thought I’d take this chance to tell you.

And before I give you other unorthodox reasons to give a card this week, I’d like to share a monochromatic Christmas card we made AFTER we adjusted the camera.

Here’s the first version:


You see, Ann takes 99.8% of the pictures with our camera.  OK.  99.94%.  She didn’t realize that when my favorite huMAN took pictures of the new roof for her, he accidentally unclicked one of the settings.

Which explains why yesterday’s card looked so BLAH!

But once we finished this card, we just didn’t feel it was finished so I had Ann make a few adjustments.  Let me know if you like this version better by scrolling down or leaving your comment here.


Isn’t it funny how one little adjustment can change everything?

Those little Snowflake Elements are grrrreat!

Here are those unique reasons to give cards this week.  (As if you need a reason!)  Timing is everyting, you now!

  • Today is Coming Out Day
  • Monday is Native American Day & World Arthritis Day
  • Tuesday is Face Your Fears Day
  • Wednesday is a trifecta!
    • Pet Obesity Awareness Day (Don’t get any ideas, Ann!)
    • Emergency Nurses Day
    • Be Bald & Free Day
  • Friday is Department Store Day & Boss’ Day
  • Saturday is another trifecta
    • Wear Something Gaudy Day
    • Sweetest Day
    • Mulligan Day

So there you have it!  Now go out and make someone’s day!

Thank you for letting us share our love of stamping with you.  Please know we’re here when you need us.

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Yes!  I’m coming out!!