The cards that we’ve made with this stamp set have been pinned so many times!  It could be that they like our art.

Or it could be how easy it is to make an elegant card with this stamp set!

Or could it be that stampers can get the stamp set free with a $50 order this week?

Simple Thank You Card Idea

We’ve made two other cards that we’ve shared have been quite popular.  You can see one here and the other one here.

The card was fine by itself, but we added some pearls to step it up a bit.  Do you like that we used the Very Vanilla as a border instead of the base?

Simple Thank You Card Idea

You know, there’s something about this card.  It’s so simple.  No Big Shot.  No real layers.  No fussy cutting.  and yet, I like it a lot.

It’s a reminder that the best card is the one that you friend is holding.  It doesn’t matter how fancy it is or how complicated it is.  It only matters that you make it and send it with all the good thoughts and love you can.

Come on!  Who sends a card to say “I’m mad at you.”?

Simple Thank You Card Idea

But there’s something about this card that makes me envision it laying on someone’s table – somewhere that they can pick it up and read the kind words you wrote inside.

So here’s the shopping list for the simple cardmaking supplies we used.  If you’re in the shopping mood, you can click on any of the pictures below to shop or just to get more information.  Those of you who are reading this in your email, you can click here to see the pictures.

Remember that the stamp set is free with a $50 order.  And when you shop with our new host code, NB6RFWX6, we’ll include a nice little product sample along with the reusable handmade card we send all our online shoppers.

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