Just in case you haven’t made plans for Halloween night, I want to remind you that you can sleep in a little extra on Sunday morning.

So here’s a little picture you can keep to remind you.


Aren’t those little pumpkins cute?  We got them at Target a few weeks ago.  Just a little inexpensive something to brighten up the entry way.

It’s just a little something to entertain people as I come to greet them.

Here’s another card that Ann made at the retreat.  It was a favorite of the stampers that came to the Tuesday afternoon live online event.


Ann stamped on the inside of this one too.  Shooting from this angle, you can also get a bit better idea of the Woodgrain texture on the Early Espresso card front.


And if you look REALLY close, you’ll see that Ann didn’t quite get it right.  She missed a bit.


That’s okay!  It just added a little bit of extra texture.  When that happens, you can do one of three things:

  • Stamp over it using a Stamp-A-MaJig
  • Overlap a stamp that covers the bald spot
  • Turn the card stock over and stamp again placing your thumb for extra pressure on the bald spot

Last weekend was a big weekend.  Ann was off making some dynamite cards while I was saving the house and cleaning up the refrigerator that died after 9 years of faithful service.

We’ll be repeating the online live get together at 6:25p Pacific time tonight.  Master Stamper members can register here.  Not a member?  We’d love to have you join us!  You can find out how here.

Ann will be sharing over 20 cards, answering questions and talking about how she put the cards together.  It’ll be fun to find out what YOUR favorites are.

Since you’ve read down this far, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  We’ve changed the shopping code. 


When you use this new one while shopping this week, we’ll send you a poinsettia kit so you can assemble your own punched poinsettia.

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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