Have you made anything fun with leftovers lately?  I’m not talking aobut food.  I’m talking about the leftover supplies you have from making a card or other paper crafting project.

Those of you who have been around me at all know I like to sneak a little chew in every now and then.

Not tobacco!  I sometimes like to she a little piece of cardstock between my teeth & my cheek.

I was helping Ann clean up after the Yuba City Stamp Club was over here the other night.  I found a piece of cardstock that was a pretty nice size and just too pretty to chew.

And this is what we made with it!

Vintage Leftovers Card

So, do you see the part that I found?  Can you spot it from what was left over from this card?

And that Satin Ribbon!  Ann says that it’s even better than the old Stampin’ Up! Satin Ribbon that she was in love with years ago before I was born.  It’s got a little weight to it so you know it it is real quality.

And did you notice how I had her center that “A” right over that little flower?  That was MY idea!

Vintage Leftovers Card

And again, this 4-1/4″ square card can fit in a standard A2 envelope so you don’t have to pay extra postage.

It’s easy to make a card exactly like this.  Just click on any of the pictures below for more information or to start your online shopping experience.

Make sure that you track your purchases so that you can collect Stampin’ Bucks and get some free stamps.

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