Have your received a handmade card in your mail box lately?  Have you sent one?

Should you be looking for this one that Doodles & I designed for you?  Are you on the lucky list?

If not, we’ll tell you how.

February Thank You

Everything’s new on this Coastal Cabana card that we sent to everyone who shopped online with us in February.  And when you shop here online with us, we’ll send you our latest designed reusable card too!

These are the things we got for free to make this card:

Product List – Free with a $50 order

February Thank You Card

Want to fancy it up?  You could add some Crystal Effect to the center of the flower or perhaps some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter.

Are you looking for our Sunday list of card giving days?  Well, here it is:

  • Today is Women’s Day
  • Monday is Barbie Day – anniversary of her unveiling in 1959
  • Tuesday is the “official” Day of Awesomeness
  • Wednesday is Registered Dietician Day
  • Thursday is Girl Scout Day
  • Friday is Ken Day -he debuted in 1961
  • Saturday is Pi Day – 3.1415…..
  • Next Sunday is Quilting Day – piece a card together & send it to your quilting friend

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