Congratulations to the Patriots.  Russell Wilson had just another of those moments he’d like to redo.

I think we all have them, don’t we?

Like – I wish I would’ve plugged in Ann’s keyboard to charge while she was gone so she could type this. My paws don’t work so well on her phone so I’m trying to swype my post with my nose.

Barking of redo,  here’s a little redo of our own.   We added a bit of Glimmer Paper to our swap last week.  THIS is the version that we shared with the other swappers.

Snuggles Swap

Doesn’t it look better with that little bit of bling added to it??


You can see the Super Bowl Special here, but since it was by Seahawks error, we’ll give everyone free shipping (up to 10% of your purchase).  You have two ways to save:


Can’t type much more.   The screen keyboard is getting to wet from my nose prints.  You can get the supply list and see the original version here.

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We still love our Seahawks!