We may be a little early for this project, but this pup needs to know something before we go on.

First, let me share today’s project – some quick and easy gift packaging.  (But hold on for the question!)

Quilted Top Box

Isn’t that quick and easy?  You could add something to it, but why would you?

It’s perfect for a small gift.  Could be an expensive gift.  could be a handmade gift (PRICELESS!).   Could be some candy.  Or dog treats!

Our friend Marci could send us a bit of her special candy that she sends Ann every year.   She doesn’t share it with me.  I think it’s called marzipan.

But what if you were going to make some little cards to put inside?  You know.  Ones that you made.

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But here’s the question…

It’s obvious that the gift is to be given in December.  You see that, don’t you?

But it might not be appropriate to give them a card that matches the outside of the package.  We usually do that.  Everything is color coordinated just like we like it.  And just like I think you like it too.

But if you’re giving this at Christmas, you wouldn’t want the inside cards to MATCH the outside because then they wouldn’t be able to use them until Christmas 2018!


What kinds of cards would you put in there?  They’re 3-1/8″ square so that they go into the coordinating envelopes that go inside the pizza box.

Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll decide so that you can see.  In the meantime, inquiring dogs must know!

Quick Project Tip

  • We used SNAIL to attach the card stock together but felt that Fast Fuse held the card stock directly to the box.
  • And remember not to press Fast Fuse as hard as you press SNAIL when you use it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Project Supplies

This month’s online shoppers are going to love the card we’re going to send  and those of you who use the posted hostess shopping code will also get a small sample of current product.  That’s always fun to look forward to!  (You can pick up the hostess shopping code here or towards the top of the right hand column here on this page.)

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