All you humans should say thank you more.  We pups lick your face when we mean it.  We pant and smile when we mean it.  We gobble our food when we mean it.

It's Thank You!
Faux Patina

Ann made this Faux Patina card with a little too much gold.  But I like it!  I like it a lot!  It's enough to make me bark out loud AND roll over!

We discussed putting some extra stuff on there like a flower or perhaps some pokey tool work, but I insisted that anything would just distract from the beautiful texture. 

Definitely a guy card!  Less is more using the new Seasonal Sayings stamp set (Wood-#128006  Clear-#128009) from the Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini Catalog.

9-11-01So besides thanking YOU, we'd like to tip our hats and heads in rememberance of those who gave their lives in the tragedy of September 11, 2001. 

And a special prayer goes out for those who were left behind, losing loved ones – both two legged and four legged.

This happened before I was a gleam in my pop's eye, but Ann tells me that everything was different from that day on.

Hug your pup, your cat and your family a little tighter today.

We're here when you need us.

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