Is it New Year’s Day yet?  Because Ann is moving furniture!  And she dusted the computer!

She’s not waiting until next year to start shaking things up.

How was your official start to the Christmas Shopping Season go?


We got a few things off the big Online Extravaganza Sale, but Ann’s gifts for me were really gifts for you too.

We’ve just about filled up our hard drive with just 2 years of pictures and videos so we got an external backup drive that we can not only back up but store some of the older stuff on there.

Are you like that too?  You have something old that you don’t use, but you’re afraid to get rid of it?

And then she bought me a new picture & video making program.  We don’t upgrade every time they come out with a new version, but it’s about time.

So the hard drive is backing up and Ann is off today to do stamping research.  (so our 10th Week of Christmas idea will be going out tomorrow.)

What’s that?

Why, she and about a dozen of her favorite demonstrators are going to attend a Catalog Kick Off so that she can see what’s new for the Occasions Mini and the Sale-A-Bration specials coming out in January.  that’s when


Just a few are attending down in Sacramento with Ann.  The rest are attending in theaters all over the United States:  Dallas, TX, Portland, Oregon, Long Beach, CA, Pittsburgh, PA,  & Nashville just to name a few.

And they’ll all get some stamps that won’t be released to the public until 2015.

But this dog is staying home.  It’s raining pretty hard here and I must guard the stamps.  Plus there’s some kind of law in California that means I can’t go in somewhere that they’re serving food.

Is popcorn food?

If you’d like to get in on some of our fun times, you need to join our crew of 24/7 Stampers!  Don’t wait!  Maybe you should ask Santa so you can be ready for Sale-A-Bration in early January.  That’s when Stampin’ Up! gives away tons of free stamps.  You can help your friends get some while you get some too.

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