RiverWalkI paced & I paced, wondering if Ann made it to San Antonio okay.  Well, if you're wondering, the answer is yes.  AND she met my girlfriend Doodles' mom.  AND they haven't taken any pictures together! 

They went to Target.  They went to a Mexican restaurant that had good looking waiters.  (I don't know why THAT matters!)  They walked & then took a cruise on the Riverwalk without my expertise in saving them from the Mallard ducks that swim there.

And all I got was this picture that she took from the River Walk shortly before the cruise.  (Bargain priced at $8.25 + tip.)  She PROMISED to take more pictures & share them tomorrow. 

Those of you on our email list should keep your eyes on your In Box.  Although Ann left my Barking Board here, I know you'll like what she's got cooked up for you newsletter readers.

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