Do you know someone who’s paper crafting inspires you?  Well, of course, you immediately thought about me.  Don’t be shy.  I know you did and I am truly humbled.

For us, Leeann is one of those people who makes us want to get our stamps out and put them to ink and paper.

Ann sometimes hung out with her and Susie (who’s born on Ann & Bonnie’s birthday) when she went to Founder’s Circle last month.

Halloween Frame

Now this is where the story gets fuzzy.  Ann knows she’s was with them when this picture frame project came out.  she THINKS that it was Leeann’s, but it could’ve been someone else’s.  She just knows whose it wasn’t!  It wasn’t ours an dit wasn’t Tami’s who’s holding the project.

In any case, it’s fab & fun, don’t you think?

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