Yes, Happy Birthday Michael, wherever you are.

Who’s Michael?  He’s a very important guy in our lives.  Michael was Ann’s last boss that she had in the “real world”.  If he hadn’t helped her leave the “real world”, I would be here.  I’d be just an average dog in an average back yard barking at the moon.

Michael’s birthday was yesterday, but we were still thinking of him.  We know that he got promoted to another location in the company, but we still chat with him sometime – especially when Ann’s going to go visit New York or see a new play.

Here are some special days for YOU to send cards to people this week who are special in your life.  There are other names for these days, but we just listed the ones that could help you or give you a special reason to send a card.

Not just the every day, but something special and unexpected.


  • Monday is Native American Day
  • Wednesday is Take Your Parents to Lunch Day
  • Thursday is Boss’ Day
  • Friday is Spreadsheet Day – send something to your accountant friends
  • Saturday is the Sweetest Day
  • Next Sunday is World Toy Camera Day (send something to your photographer friends)

You can see our collection of birthday cards here.

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