It looks like Ann may have escaped!

The first hint was that she got a mani-pedi.  But here’s something you may not know -that is unless you pay real close attention to our videos.

While Ann and my favorite huMAN have been married over 3 times as long as I’ve been alive, she hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring for at least 3 years – maybe more.

RingShe still likes my favorite huMAN.  The ring just didn’t fit anymore.  I tried to tell her to ask for an upgrade (which I’m sure my favorite huMAN would do), she said that this one works just fine and so the jeweler made it fit.

Not bad for an old ring.  This was taken BEFORE the mani-pedi.

BagTagsHere’s another little tidbit.  Ann’s a big bag tag collector!  This isn’t all of them, but some important ones from the past few years.

And the green one on top is for this trip.

While she’s gone, here’s a card from a swap that Ann participated in before she left.  I can’t read the name on the back, but isn’t it cute?


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