Many of you know that Ann went to the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida earlier this year.  If you didn’t, well, now you know.

It was the last one of its type that they’re going to have.  From now on, they’re going to try something different.

She told me it was great!  She explored new restaurants with Linda (one of our 24/7 Stampers), she saw some informative presentations and some delightful demonstrations.

And she did that for you and me.  Well, except for the restaurant part.  She did that for my favorite huMAN so she could take him somewhere special next time they want to leave me home.

I finally got to go through some of the pictures she took and here are my 3 favorite projects that I picked – in no particular order.

I think that Stampin’ Up! CEO & Co-Founder Shelli Gardner showed this first one.


Wouldn’t that be the perfect card to congratulate new parents?  Or maybe for someone who has a small dog.  (Hint, hint)

See the Washi Tape across the bottom?  Classy!

Male Birthday Card

We already had the Wood You Be Mine? stamp set, but they gave everyone the Hooray It’s Your Day stamp set at the event.  It makes that lumberjack work for a good masculine birthday card.

This last favorite was shared by Shelli too.  She made those feathers out of washi tape!  But all I’d have to do is to go outside and catch some of those pretty chickens from across the street.


Isn’t it a pretty thank you card?  She does a good job.

How do YOU like these 3 cards?  I hope I picked ones that you like too.

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