Well, the garage sale went pretty well yesterday.  Thanks to all of you who came.  I was on my best behaviour. 

71mo- & a whiz at the calculator People were waiting in line to get in as Ann was doing those last minute touchups.  One got around our doorman to get in early (with a justifieable excuse), but we still won't let anyone in REAL early – can't let anyone jump the que. 

Here I am helping out in the cashing out process.  I think that we should call it the BEHIND the Garage Rubbah & Craft Sale because it's so much nicer to sit where it's covered & you have a couple fans on you.  You even got to sit down while we figured out your investment.

So now it's time for our Jeopardy Question!  The answer is "the one you're holding in your hand".  And the question/answer? 

Well, here it is!  "What's the best type of handmade greeting card?"

Yep!  We've been looking for just the right card for our friend, Zane and I think we've found it.  But what's MORE important is that he would've been happy with ANYTHING we sent – or I least I HOPE!  What do YOU think?


Who'd have ever thought!?!  A manly card with ribbon! That's the Best Friends Forever stamp set the we just LOVE here!

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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