Quick and easy card making.  Yes, this post is all about my style.  But I’d rather   I am one fast and fabulous Jack Russell Terrier and you should be able to make cards as fast as I can run!

And here is how you can do that!  Here’s the collection.  They come in a levels of fanciness and prices (even one for free!).  And they’re great for something quick and easy.

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Card Making Kits

Stampin’ Up! is offering all these dynamite kits where you can make cards in minutes.  Now, these are nice cards, but they’re not going to satisfy your inner artist if you’re a heavy duty paper crafter.

BUT you might not always have the time to make a card from scratch and a card in the hand of your loved one is better than two that you’re planning in your head.

I’m just barking here!

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