I was looking out the door yesterday and saw this cool cloud formation.  Got me to thinking that I needed to give Ann an assignment!  Today is her 14th Anniversary with Stampin' Up!.  I think I'm going to keep her up to her elbows in ink all day!


(Please note the leash.  Ann doesn't let me out unescorted.  I knew not to go past that door jamb, but she said it was insurance in case a bird or a squirrel flew by and invited me out.)

I won't go into much detail, but here's the 4-1/4" square card.

Cloud Card

We'll be back tomorrow with more about this card and my sniff of sunshine.  It might look nice, but it's pretty cold here in the evening.  Our hearts go out to you on the East Coast as you AGAIN face some pretty poor weather.  But the good thing about that is that it's perfect stamping weather!

ContestButtonUntil we meet again, please take a moment to vote for me in The Humane Society Pet Pageant.  Even if you've already voted, you can vote once in each of the catagories DAILY!  (I'm in for personality & photogenic as well as the main pageant.)

My favorite huMAN drops hints from time to time about entering in the local paper, but this is for a good cause.  You do not have to donate to vote, but you do have to make a login to keep all the voting above board.

Otherwise, my gal pal Doodles my stuff the ballot box.

I'll appreciate your participating so that this online pup can at least make the first page – I hope, I hope.  (I'm almost onto the 2nd page while I'm dictating this.)

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