When we shared yesterday’s graduation card idea, did I mention that the graduation party was for TWO boys?  (After this, I guess we should call them young men.)

They’ve been friends for years, but they went to two different high schools.  Their moms are friends too.

So yesterday’s card is one color, but today’s is different.  Same general idea, but a slightly different layout that almost made Ann say some words she never lets me hear.

Graduation Card Idea

But I digress….

I’m about to let out a little secret about yesterday’s events.

Ann knew that it was the 3rd, but in her mind, the graduation party was yesterday – even though she knew the party was on the 4th.

I guess those two thoughts never intersected so she and my favorite huMAN showed up at the party a day early!

Ann wondered why there weren’t many cars there.  It was an open house, so they had planned to show up sometime in the middle of the event.  Good thing they didn’t knock on the door!

And the other good thing is that she already knows that there won’t be a lot of room for parking so she’d better come early when she goes today!

Graduation Card Idea

She wasn’t really going to say bad words, but she was trying to rush the card and it’s hard to line things up with the camera rolling.  In order to get a close view for you, she has to use x-ray vision sometimes and see through where the camera is – or take it off sides and line things up outside your view.

Here’s what we used for this graduation card idea for Brett.  Did you notice that we didn’t use any stamps?  those Large Letters Framelits Dies are perfect to get as a half-priced item or with extra hostess shopping dollars that you earn when your order hits $350+ (this month only).

And if you’d like to try some inexpensive magnets to hold all your framelits and thinlits in their packaging, try these magnets that we’ve tested.  They work great and much less expensive than others we’ve seen offered for this purpose.

We have another 30 graduation card ideas here.

Cardmaking Supplies

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