Ann's back!  She's got tons of stuff to unpack and pictures to download and share   I've missed her so much!  It's enough to make me bark out loud!  But I can't!  My barker is always broken when I return from a few days at the spa. 

So I've just got TWO quick things to share with you today!


We'll start off with this shot of the football field at Ann's Alma Mater.  Isn't it grand? 

That reminds me.  Are you a football widow or a football fan?  I've taken the CAPCHA requirement off the comments (where you have to type in the letters exactly right).  Now it's easy for you to tell me whether you're a football fan or widow.

We've also got something else way cool that we're working on.  You're going to LOVE IT like you love me!

And lastly,  really first. – Check out Stampin' Up!'s latest special here!  And read it below for a REAL touchdown.


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