Dearest Stamper:  We're meeting the best & the brightest here in Salt Lake City. 

We met Linda in the elevator at the hotel on our way to opening session yesterday morning.  She's a Canadian Demonstrator enjoying her first ever convention who was admiring how I can apply lip liner & lipstick without a mirror.  We asked her to join us and what fun we had!  Here she is on the right with me & Bobbie.


It's always fun to make new friends!  We also ran into the "Swap Lady".  I don't know how she pulled that off, but she really took the gardening theme to the nth degree!

She was really ready to swap!  Do you think I should ask her if she wants to come visit us?

At lunch we got a special cookie made by Stampin' Up!  Yep!  We've got some really special stuff coming out for all our baking stampers on October 1st! 


I'm sorry Stamper.  I had to eat it.  This is one stampin' sample that was too good to hoard.

I'll be home soon, Stamper!  I'm all revved up & ready to stamp!