You’ve heard that saying, haven’t you?  March:  in like a lion, out like a lamb.

I think that happened here in February.  It was pretty crazy around here with the Oroville Dam and high river levels last month.

So we’re kicking off March with a 3-D gold gift box.  We’ve had the Window Box Thinlits Dies for a few weeks now and kept putting off using them.

Now that we’ve used them, we are LOVING THEM!  SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!

I held my breath as Ann cut through the Gold Foil Paper.  I thought it was going to give us a bad cut, but it was perfect!  Way better than I expected!  And the little itty bitty pieces pretty much fell out once we used the Big Shot Die Brush.

Gold Gift Box

And it was easier to put together than we thought too!  It didn’t take very long for the Liquid Glue to set.  (We’re not glue fans around here but we love our Liquid Glue!)

What would you put in this box?  Something elegant?  Jelly Bellys?  You could put a slightly smaller piece of your favorite color in the lid to hide what’s inside.  Or wrap the gift in some tissue paper.

And that free gold ribbon sets it off!  But you could put a larger deep color bow on it as well to match that piece of cardstock I mention to place inside the lid.

Gold Gift Box

So what should we put in here?

  • Money
  • Gift Cards don’t fit
  • Gift Certificate
  • Jewelry
  • Candy
  • Dog Treats

You know, our last hostess for our local stamp club picked up her order last night and her Big Shot was in it.  She got it for half price!  And you can too!  Just gather your friends for a little party and boom!@  You can pick anything for half priced with a $450 order.  Easy to do and Ann can appear for you and your friends in the comfort of your homes.  They don’t even have to come to your home!

It’s amazing what Ann and I can do with a camera, a microphone and a computer.  And you can watch it live on your phone!  Just drop Ann an email or give her a call at (530) 674-5090

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