I can’t believe that I’ve been barking into Ann’s ear for 16 years. And now, I’m still sending her those pup-o-graphic messages to inspire you.

I tell her what colors to use (except on Friday when you do). The stamp sets are my suggestions too. All from pup-o-graphic messages I send her.

And now they’re from heaven. But I’m still sending them! And she’s still receiving them.

So, we’d like to thank all of you who read my barks. And to those of you who watch Ann and that puffy little pup she brought home as an apprentice, thank you too!

In 2006, we kicked off the blog this very weekend. There was a lot happening then too. It was my favorite huMAN’s birthday and they went on their first Stampin’ Up! incentive trip to the Mexican Riviera. They’d never been to Mexico and Ann had never typed for a blog. Yep. It was a big thing.

Since then, with your support and a lot of ink, paper and embellishments, Ann’s been to places she never even dreamed about going. Mexico, the Panama Canal & the Bahamas, Bermuda, 3 trips to 3 different islands in Hawaii, Fiji, Thailand, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, 2 trips to Alaska and Disney World and a few Caribbean cruises.

View from their room in Maui 2021

Ann probably never would’ve gone on a cruise if it hadn’t been for Stampin’ Up!. Gifts on your pillow most nights. Lots of friends to meet and friendships to renew. There’s nothing like it.

Less than 1% of the demonstrators around the world go on these incentive trips. Ann has been so grateful for each one of them. Both the annual trip and the ones they don’t do anymore for the top 100.

You might not believe this, but Ann can remember so many of the home workshops that she did even in the early days. She loved them! All the excitement of always being invited to the party!

And now we’re doing parties for you and your friends on Facebook. We’ve got the Dog Pound for our clients to enjoy and interact. We have Master Stamper for those of you who want to improve your card making and paper crafting.

Christmas Card Class
Stamper Dog

But this all can’t happen without your support. So thank you!

If you’re new here, make sure you get on our mailing list so you can score our 5 quick and easy layouts to help you with your cardmaking.

Contact Ann if you’d like her to do an online party with your friends. You won’t regret it.

And yes, it’s my favorite huMAN’s birthday today so we’ll be back tomorrow with some card ideas.

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