Happy 4th of July, humans!  Just a reminder before we get into your stampin' training to please mind your dogs today.  Sometimes they get hurt if you don't take a few precautions:

  • Many dogs don't like fireworks, but we DO like small spaces.  Don't feel like you're abusing us if you lock us in the bathroom or crate when all the fireworks are going off.  It doesn't bother me, but my predecessor preferred the bathroom during fireworks & thunderstorms. 
  • Watch our diet!  If it's fatty for you, it's fatty for us.  Remember that YOU'RE the one who has to clean up if we throw up.  I may look at you with longing eyes for you to share your food, but dogs who are good at this have been trained that those looks get results. 
  • With all the coming & going at the house, make sure we don't get out of the yard.  We don't want you to lose us, but we could wander off & find another home that might not be so nice.
  • No alcohol for dogs!  They don't give us driver's licenses so we're not good as designated drivers either – but we hope you have one if you need one.  Rather than liquor, Ann lets me lick her – sometimes.  😉

Now onto the STAMPING TRAINING!  Here's a link to a video by Ann's Stampin' Up! friend Bonnie Thurber.  She's a real treat.  Just click on the picture below to see it.  It will even work for those of you who are reading this by an email reader.

How to Use & Store the Newly Designed Punches 

Now go on out & have a good time today & tonight with all your family & friends.  We'll be back with more cool stuff tomorrow.

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