TV-Red-PawI'd like to give a shout out to Ann's newsletter readers today.  We thought we really had it going on to give everyone TWO sets of projects in yesterday's monthly issue.  Many of you were looking for the One Sheet for the popular Easter Market Basket Video shown in this post

The only problem was that the newsletter service didn't cooperate!  The links in the newsletter were fine.  They just didn't work for a while.  Grrrrrr!  So just try them again today.  I think the service got itself straight.  I'd hate to go bark at them!

Purse-SneakIn fact, I'd like to give a little shout out to those of you who called &/or emailed Ann so that she could help you.  We'll be sending the One Sheets out again on Friday to those that weren't signed up on the newsletter list on a member of the Master Stampers.

So here's a little extra help to go with the other project.  It's a video from my friend Emily at Stampin' Up!. She's going to show you about the Petite Purse Die that you're all so excited about. When you see it in her hand you'll get a WAY better idea of how big it is because that's not a regular sized egg in that picture on the right.

I hope that Stampin' Up! can keep enough in stock to make sure you all get one!  (psst!  you can get yours here before they run out!)


I hope you liked her presentation.  She's a pup!

Speaking of pups!  If you're loving the Summer Smooch Special Pre-Release, this may be the perfect time to join my PUP CLUB!  Members get instructions, special offers, you name it!  We love 'em! 

Not that we don't love YOU, but we'll love you even more when you're part of the pack!  Find out more here.  If you have questions, just ask Ann.  She knows about those kinds of things.

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