This is a card by Denise who sends Ann a nice little somethin' somethin' whenever she does well.  You know, it's kinda nice when someone gives you a little scritch behind the ears & says "Good human!".  That happens a LOT in my world, but you humans don't seem to get that as much.

Cheep Talk You might think this Cheep Talk card #113204 looks good, but it's even better because it contained a $30 Stampin' Up! gift certificate from Denise.  You would be eligible to earn one too when you become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator on our team of 24/7 Stampers.  Ann treats you pretty good too.  She's really on the ball when it comes to how things work because she's been doing this for over 11 years – 6 full time.  Of course, I am available if you'd like a canine approach.

Why not check out what it would be like having your own stamping business?  Get paid for doing what you love while representing a product that is heads, tails & paws above the rest.

Call Ann at 530-674-5090 (she'll call you back so you don't pay for the call).  Email her.  Or just check out our Help Wanted section.  We're always looking for another nice stamper to join our team & right now you could try it out for just $99!  Find out more here.

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