It’s so much fun to have people over to stamp.  And we got a double treat this week!

Our Yuba City Stamp Club came on Tuesday night for their monthly stamp fix.  Then on Wednesday, one of our 24/7 Stampers came over.

It was fun to see Ann stamp with Valory.  They made quite the mess as they were planning a class kit to go with the limited edition stamp set that’s coming out next month.


Do they expect me to clean this up?

We call our demonstrator group the 24/7 Stampers because everyone likes to stamp a lot!

  • Some joined to start a part time business
  • Some joined to get a discount on their stamping supplies
  • Some joined to enjoy both!

That’s why we have things in place to help everyone, no matter what their plans are!

And the good thing is that you can change your mind on what you want to do with it!  (And we’re here to help you with that too!)

Discover how you can join the fun here.  We’d love to have you!

So Valory brought a little card kit using some new stuff that Ann doesn’t have yet:

You can save 10% when you bundle these two and purchase them together.


Isn’t it stinkin’ cute?

There!  I’ve barked it!

But that llama is awesome!  And we know just who to give this handmade birthday card to!

Birthday card idea

You could give it to your favorite person who loves to have a good time on their birthday.

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Use today’s shopping code for a bonus gift! TB9XE9GZ

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