As a rubber stamping expert, I meet many people both online & in person.  Your dogs send me emails.  Stampers send me cards.  Life is good.

Yesterday was one of those days.  Jo Hope from Melbourne, Australia sent me a picture of these cool party favors she was making for some friends of hers.  I think that she should consider being a demonstrator!


Is that cool or what?  The top opens & everything!  I think EVERY dog should have a birthday party!  Please remind Ann of that next September 2nd.  And I'm reminding you that it's jump on our team of demonstrators. 

You know you've been  thinking about it!  Make some Christmas cash!  Share your love of stamping with your friends!  Thought about it but never took the chance?  Perhaps now is the time for you to jump on our team!

Look what it's done for me!  Get your questions answered here or better yet….just ask Ann!

Chow Baby!