If you weren't aware of it, we were giving away blog candy this week.  It was truly inspiration to read about how you humans think & feel.  The challenge was for you to share your most memorable gift.  Reading all of them in this post was a real treat for me.  Last night I got to pick the winner.  Now I get to announce the winner.


We hadn't stamped with our winner since I was just a pup so I was really happy when she came & stamped with us the other night.  This is one of the cards we made.  She was loving that Patterned Pines stamp set.  Wanted to buy it, but it was not to be.  It was her first time playing with our Big Shot too.  That went to the TOP of her wish list! 

So, congratulations Sandy N!  Come get your stamp set AND your free Merry die!  (she got the die because she's on our mailing list)  Here's the winning number & the start of her winning post.  You'll have to go read it if you want to find out what it is.  I even pushed the button for the computer to pick her!


Sandy said….

Well Stamper, before last year, I would have said that my most memorable Christmas gift was definately my Easybake oven that I got when I was 6. These days, I would say that my first most memorable gift was what contributed to needing my current most memorable gift…

Thank you all for participating.  You are all really inspirational!  I'm now convinced that only the best stampers visit stamperdog.com

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