I don’t think that Ann was understanding my pup-o-graphic messages yesterday when she was typing for me.  What am I going to do with her?

We know that many of you get our updates by email.  Well, for some reason, there wasn’t a picture of the video in yesterday’s notices and Ann didn’t post a picture of the project.  So, I’m hunting and pecking this morning and making sure that those of you who read from your email boxes, can see that this is the cool project that the video is about.

Punch Art Santa

And if you’d like to see the video about how we made them and the fun way that we attached them to Bob’s Candy Canes, you can see the video here.  We’re up to over a half million views on our You Tube videos alone, so I’m glad to see that someone is appreciating my talent.

Do you know Bob?  Because if you do, tell him that he makes the tastiest candy canes.  They’re no more expensive than the others, but they taste just like starlight mints.   Nice and creamy.  Even Susan agreed with us in her commnets yesterday.  You can get them in most nice stores like Target and probably Walgreens.  You know – the ones they won’t let me in – even with a license!

Barking about talent, I really should be showing you more of the cool Christmas cards I’ve been getting.  Doodles sent us a really nice one in my favorite huMAN’s color – blue.  She sure knows how to work it!

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