I’m stepping in as a guest blogger today because Stamper wasn’t around when I got to meet Carol Duvall and enjoy one of the best weekends in my crafting life. Since this blog didn’t even exist back then, Stamper is allowing me to write this post.

Back in 2003, I submitted an application to appear on one of Carol Duvall’s Holiday Workshops. I was working at Comcast at the time and pleasantly surprised when they called and interviewed me. During the interview, they asked me to send them samples of cards I made.

I did. They called me back and told me which card they liked and we worked out when I needed to get down to Burbank for taping.

Ann and Carol Duvall
Ann and Carol Duvall

Meeting Carol Duvall

It was a wonderful September weekend to fly down to Burbank from Sacramento. And I was so thankful to have my dear friend, Shella, come up from San Diego to share the experience with me.

They were taping 2 or 3 shows that Saturday. I still remember so much of it. But what mattered so much to me was that the warm person you saw on television was just as kind and sincere in person.

You can watch the video below or watch it here on YouTube.

Let Me Tell You a Little Secret

If you watch the video, you may see where I burnt the side of my left hand as I staped that image. We did a couple dry runs before the taping. First, with the producer so she knows what you’re showing. And later, with the camera operator so he has an idea of which cameras he’s going to use.

Every time that they lined up my supplies, they put them closer together. That heat tool was way too close! And I’m so glad I didn’t react becausse I wanted to scream!

Afterwards, my friend Shella and I enjoyed some liquid refreshments back at the hotel. We shared a few words with two of the presenters that were showing polymer clay art.

Where Did the Last 20 Years Go?

Carol only did her HGTV show until 2005. After that, she did some crafting cruises. After decades of serving the television industry and the crafting community, Carol Duvall passed away July 31, 2023 at the age of 97. (You can read her obituary here.) So, lucky for us, she worked well into her ’80’s.

We are praying for her family’s peace of mind during this difficult time and we’ll continue to craft to celebrate her.

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