Ann’s off again today, but this time she’s trying to get smarter in Las Vegas at the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference they call BackStage.

Now, she didn’t go early enough to go to a show, but she is looking forward to seeing friends that she only gets to see once or twice a year. (I think she’d like Las Vegas better if my favorite huMAN went with her.

But my favorite huMAN and the Apprentice are guarding the stamps. He likes to go when lots of the men go. There are male demonstrators, but my favorite huMAN looks forward to tipping his hat to the husbands of other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators.

While we’re sure that some of them will be there, there are only a couple of his friends that come to mind that we know will be there. So I guess Ann will have to deliver his regrets.

Did You See Our Live Stream?

Ann didn’t bring out Domino. He was just too gray. (You do now that he’s a black and white dog, right?)

So yesterday she gave him a shower. He’s pretty good about getting in there. A little better than I was. But she has yet to get a picture of him coming out all wet. Then you’d see his black spots! And he has a ton of them! Way more than I did!

So here’s the replay from Tuesday where Ann announces the winners of the Guess Where She’s Going contest. Or you can watch it here on YouTube.

Congratulations are in Order!

Yes! Congratulations to Nancy Mc and Terri B! Nancy was the first one to respond. (She gets up awfully early! And Terri won when she spun the wheel.

Did you see where Ann mentioned that she had lost her magnets? Well, once her brain kicked in, she remembered the new place she put them. Good thing because she had just bought a new box last month while she still has a few left from the last box.

It does take a little bit of memory when you move so much stuff, but it’s getting better.

I’m sure Ann will share something from the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference (AKA BackStage). I honestly don’t know why Ann doesn’t want to call it its new name. I just hope that she learns something.

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