What do you do when the lights go out? Get out a good book? Stamp some cards? Play games on your phone until the battery goes out?

That’s what happened to Ann yesterday. Twice! The first time was for about 90 minutes. They said it was weather but there was no rain and no winds at the time.

When the Lights Go Out
When the Lights Go Out

Lucky for Ann, she’s got a battery backup on the work computer. (Not the broadcast computer.) She was able to send our Stamp & Play friends a not about the power outage before having to turn the computer off to save power.

Those battery backups don’t last long running a computer but we can get several hours of running the router giving everyone free wi-fi for their phones. And they can charge their phones a little without making too much of a dent in the power supply.

When the Lights Go Out

Just so you know, Ann can’t stamp in the stamp room when the lights go out. There’s a big black sound blanket over the window to keep the light out and to stop the sound from bouncing off the window panes.

And when the lights went out again less than an hour before our Stamp & Play Day, she ran back to the computer to send out a notice to cancel the event. And about 3 minutes after she sent it, the lights came back on!

Still, she thought it was the safest way to go in case the lights went out a third time.

Here’s Your Chance!

So, we’ve moved the January Stamp & Play to this coming Thursday & reopened registration. Same time and day of the week only on January 26th.

Stamp & Play Day #25
Stamp & Play Day #25

So if yesterday wasn’t a good day, register today for the new day!

We’d love to have you join us!

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