Yes! It’s Walt’s Disney’s 121st birthday so they proclaimed December 5th Walt Disney Day!

Who else can you think of who had such an impact on our movies viewing, TV viewing and entertainment? Come on! There are two theme parks in two states that claim his name!

And if you’ve ever been to Disney World in Florida, it’s a lot more than a theme park. There are several theme parks and themed hotels to stay in.

Ann’s been there a few times for Stampin’ Up! Conventions and Leadership events. And once they took her and my favorite huMAN to spend a week there. She told me it was AWESOME! It’s an incentive tripe that they call “The Cruise” but they’re sometimes land vacations.

Walt Disney Day

So to honor Walt and his favorite mouse, we’re going to turn the clock back to one of our videos from 10 years ago! It’s just 3 minutes long and you can make the card using the Layering Circles Dies and the greeting of your choice.

Let’s take a look at the card first. You can make it on a notecard or you can use your own card stock and fold it in half for a normal 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ card. This one was made on a notecard which is slightly smaller than a 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ one.

We don’t have those button embosslits anymore, but I’m sure you can either pick up some yellow buttons or make some with the Layering Circles Dies. Or perhaps you have a punch laying around.

Watch the Video Here

This video is just about 3 minutes long. And remember that it’s 10 years old. The quality is still pretty good considering. You know it must be because I appear in the beginning!

Of course, you’re always welcome to watch it here on YouTube.

If You Think This is Fun

If you think this is fun, you should join us next week for our Stamp & Play Day. It’s a fun time to make a card along with Ann and some pretty nice stampers. They do it all on a Zoom call using supplies that they already have.

Then, after a short break, they play a few games and give away all of the event fees.

You can read all about it and register there. The more who come, the bigger the prizes!

Stamp & Play Day #24
Stamp & Play Day #24
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